Every time you purchase a brand new Linux shared hosting, it's created on a server and the entire process normally takes some time, including the verification and processing of your fee, which many companies perform manually. When you buy a dedicated server, for instance, the installation takes even longer since the machine has to be built, installed and tried so as to guarantee that it will work the right way. Because of this, a lot of providers have a one-time fee so as to cover the time and efforts used on your new account. The charge, which sometimes is high, is often not mentioned on the front page, yet you'll find it on your checkout or payment page, therefore you will not be familiar with it before you have already gone through the entire registration process and you may even miss it if you don't pay attention.

Setup Fee in Semi-dedicated Hosting

Our semi-dedicated server plans don't have any setup charges, so when you acquire a new account, the total fee for the first month will be the very same for the future renewals. Considering the fact that it takes us several min to generate and activate a new semi-dedicated account, we believe that it wouldn't be right to charge you anything for that. You will see the exact same amount on the home page, on the payment page as well as on your bank or PayPal statement and you will not ever need to pay any kind of extra charges. If you have a standard shared hosting account with our company and you need a more powerful alternative, we can even transfer all of your data to the brand new semi-dedicated account totally free.

Setup Fee in Dedicated Hosting

Using a dedicated server acquired from our company, you shall never see any hidden charges and you will never need to pay any setup fees. The price of the plan you've chosen is listed on our site and it is the sole price that you'll see on both the order and the payment pages. We think that getting a new client and developing a long-term relationship is more important than asking you for a few more dollars, that's why we'll assemble the machine, set up all of the required software and test it totally free of charge. We will even move all of your content without charge in case you already have a shared hosting package from our company and you want to progress to a dedicated server that is acquired with our Hepsia hosting Control Panel.