Memcached is a distributed memory object caching platform, which has been gaining popularity in recent years owing to its effectiveness. It is used to cache requests and responses between a database and the app that uses it, which can improve the overall performance of your Internet site and lessen the generated load greatly. Every time a page on an app-powered site is accessed, the app connects to the database and "asks" what information should be displayed, and then pulls it. With Memcached, these procedures are omitted, as the platform has already cached the content that should be displayed on a certain page. When any content is changed, the Memcached content is ‘refreshed’ as well, so the site visitors will never see out-of-date content. The Memcached platform is an excellent solution for every website that draws many viewers, as it will make it really fast and will improve the overall user experience.

Memcached in Semi-dedicated Hosting

You can get the Memcached content caching system as an upgrade with all our Linux semi-dedicated hosting and since it works with any script-driven software app, you can use it for any site that you host on our platform, regardless of what application you have used – Mambo, Joomla or WordPress, a custom one, etc. You can request the upgrade through the corresponding section of the Hepsia hosting Control Panel from which you administer your semi-dedicated account, and you can choose two different things – the number of instances and the amount of system memory that they will use. In simple terms, these things define how many Internet sites will use the Memcached system and the amount of system memory that the system will be able to use in order to store your information. The two features are offered independently for more flexibility and one instance does not come bundled with a fixed amount of memory. You can take full advantage of the Memcached system with any type of website and both you and your visitors will swiftly see the difference in the performance.

Memcached in Dedicated Hosting

Memcached comes for free with all Linux dedicated hosting offered by our company and the only requirement is that the dedicated machine must be ordered with the Hepsia Control Panel. You can use the distributed memory caching system for any database-powered website, including those that are based on popular apps – for example, a WordPress online blog or a Joomla-powered social networking website. Each dedicated machine comes with a particular amount of memory that Memcached can employ, but the minimum you will get is three gigabytes, which is sufficient enough to enhance the speed of very busy sites considerably, as this memory will be dedicated to storing the cached content. The system will start caching info as soon as it’s activated, so shortly after that, you’ll notice the improved performance of your Internet sites and the lowered load on the dedicated machine. Many websites use the Memcached system to enhance their efficacy, including famous ones like Reddit and Wikipedia.