In case you use a database-driven script app for your website, all of the content that you or the site users add, will be stored in cells and tables inside a database, not as plain text in the application files. In comparison, HTML sites are static and all of the content on such a site is a part of the actual HTML files. A web-based store application, for instance, pulls all items, prices, user reviews, and many others, from its database and this is the same for any kind of script which allows you to make a dynamic site. The more the information you add, the larger the database gets, so if you use a script-driven website, you should make sure that your web hosting package features sufficient database storage space. The latter applies regardless of what type of databases you employ - for example MySQL or PostgreSQL.

PostgreSQL Database Storage in Semi-dedicated Hosting

When you get a semi-dedicated server from us, you can benefit from our powerful cloud web hosting platform. Due to the fact that the databases have their own cluster of servers and do not run on the same machines as the web server or the e-mail addresses, any script-driven site that you host here will work far better than if it was hosted on a server where a number of processes run. The cloud website hosting platform is also the main reason why we do offer unlimited storage space for the PostgreSQL databases created in each semi-dedicated hosting account. You'll be able to view the size of the databases you make inside your Control Panel, both the individual for each of them as well as the entire, still you won't be limited with regard to the amount of space they can take, which means that all of your PostgreSQL-driven websites can expand without any restrictions.